Open Access at the Berlin7 Conference

In December I attended the Berlin7 at La Sorbonne in Paris (2-4 December 2009) as part of a panel session entitled “Practical challenges in moving to Open Access: a focus on research funders and universities”.

A Research Institution’s View

The focus of my presentation was the role of institutions and funders in implementing Open Access mandates with a particular focus on our own institutional repository.

It posed 5 questions [with some answers] for institutions and funders:

  1. How universities can help funders implement mandates
  2. What the infrastructure implications are for universities
  3. What the policy implications are for universities
  4. How funders can help universities
  5. What are the shared (and different goals) for institutions and funders

One of the key goals of Enrich is to easily link funding data (from our Research System) to publications in the repository and to demonstrate compliance with funder mandates such as the Wellcome Trust.

The panel was chaired by Fred Friend and also included:

  • John Houghton (Victoria University)
  • Alma Swan (Key Perspectives Ltd)
  • Wolfram Horstmann (Bielefeld University)
  • Johannes Fournier (DFG, German Research Foundation) and Anita Eppelin (German National Library of Medicine)
  • Kurt de Belder (Leiden University)
  • Robert Kiley (Wellcome Trust)
  • Bernard Rentier (Université de Liège)

All of the presentations from Berlin7 are available online.