Request a Correction: Integrating EPrints and Supportworks

In May 2011 we launched a new “Request a correction” feature for Enlighten to make it easier for our authors and their staff to request updates and changes to records which are live and publicly available in Enlighten.

These requests enable authors to:

    • Claim a publication so that it is linked to their name
    • Update the publication status from In Press to Published
    • Amend bibliographic details like page numbers, issue or volume

A “Request a correction” text link was added to the bottom of the record.

The link takes requesters to a simple form which asks for an @glasgow e-mail address and provides an input box for the request itself. This was based on the “Request a copy” feature already part of EPrints core code.

The requests are e-mailed to, the Enlighten team’s e-mail account.

Integration with Supportworks

Lessons from our MiniREF exercise and introduction of this feature also provided us with the opportunity to review how we manage requests, not just for corrections but for full text additions, copyright correspondence and general queries. This review led us to consider using Supportworks, the University’s help desk management system.

IT Services created a new Enlighten Team for us and a range of call profiles to identify the requests and their resolutions. All e-mail to deposit@lib is now sent on to the Supportworks help desk system.

Request a Correction: Calls

Thanks to some additional programming in Supportworks e-mails from the “Request a Correction” are automatically created as calls. They are assigned the call profile of “Amend a Record” and if the requester has used their @glasgow e-mail address they are listed as the customer and can update the call and check on its status.

Supportworks Call

Example of Supportworks Call

These requests appear as calls in Supportworks and the team automatically receive an e-mail alert. Staff can accept a call and it is then easy to identify the status of calls, who is dealing with it and how it is progressing.

Usage and Future Developments

Since the launch in May we have had more than 180 requests via this new feature, the vast majority of these have been changes such as those outlined above.

Supportworks also provides search and reporting options which can show the volume and type of calls for particular periods. The Enlighten team will be able to receive automatic weekly updates which will provide details of the number and type of calls.

As we come closer to REF2014 we may also refine the call profiles to include REF updates to enable us to more readily track the volume and changes made.


With thanks to Lesley Drysdale who modified the “Request a copy” code, Mark Temple who did the programming and set-up in Supportworks and the Enlighten team who are managing the corrections.