Big surge of interest in Glasgow report on disability

A look at our download statistics for August 2012 shows a huge surge of interest in a report published last year by the Glasgow Media Unit and the Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research:

Briant, E., Watson, N. , and Philo, G. (2011) Bad News for Disabled People: How the Newspapers are Reporting Disability. Project Report. Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research and Glasgow Media Unit, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.

The report was downloaded 150 times during August with over 50 downloads on 24th August alone.

It is always interesting to try and find out why a paper has suddenly become popular. In this instance the increased interest is due to the ongoing London 2012 Paralympics and associated news coverage of disability issues.

An article by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian newspaper on 23rd August linked directly to the report.

The report is also mentioned within the comments on an article in the Guardian newspaper on 30th August:

The free accessibility of papers in Enlighten means that reports such as this one are readily available to the public – helping to raise awareness of important issues such as disability.

You can access the report at