Latest download stats for April 2012

During April 21012 there were nearly 20,000 downloads of full text papers from Enlighten. This figure has been steadily climbing from 15,600 downloads in January of this year.  The following papers featured amongst our highest climbers for April:

Forsyth, K. (1995) Some thoughts on Pictish symbols as a formal writing system. In: Henderson, I. and Henry, D. (eds.) The Worm, the Germ and the Thorn: Pictish and Related Studies Presented to Isabel Henderson. Pinkfoot Press, pp. 85-98. ISBN 1874012172 [An increase of 137 downloads in comparison with March 2012figures]

Hastings, A., and Matthews, P. (2011) “Sharp Elbows”: Do the Middle-Classes have Advantages in Public Service Provision and if so how? Project Report. University Of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. [An increase of 127 downloads in comparison with March 2012 figures]

Briggs, J. (2005) The use of indigenous knowledge in development: problems and challenges. Progress in Development Studies, 5 (2). pp. 99-114. ISSN 1464-9934 (doi:10.1191/1464993405ps105oa) [An increase of 94 downloads in comparison with March 2012 figures]