Open Access Repositories Resource Pack (OARRPack)

The University of Glasgow has been commissioned by JISC to create an Open Access Repositories Resource Pack (OARRPack) for the UK’s Open Access Implementation Group (OAIG). This is aimed at encouraging UK universities to adopt Open Access and the open agenda.

Wide range of Open Access Information

As colleagues will know, there is a vast quantity of information about open access available via numerous websites, reports, videos and other documents but within the UK context this is not available as a coherent whole.

The aim of this project is to survey the guidance currently available to HEIs in the UK and further afield on why and how they can practically implement a more open approach to the release of their research outputs. By analysing what is currently available, synthesising this, talking to key stakeholders and establishing what new content might need to be produced the project team will then develop an OA resource pack.

The pack will be aimed at both university senior managers and at repository managers and other staff charged with implementing open access policies.

It will provide a mix of the high level information necessary to enact institution-wide policy changes and the practical details needed in order to implement these policy changes.

Community Engagement

To inform the development of the OA resource pack we would like to encourage the Open Access community and our colleagues to contribute in a number of ways by:

  • Sharing details of useful resources with us
  • Suggesting OA experts to take part in a small experts group feeding into the development and evaluation of the pack;
  • Letting us know if you think your senior management would be willing to talk to us, either about how open access was implemented at your institution or about what they would need from an OA resource pack in order to implement an institutional OA policy

Contact us

Suggestions, ideas and comments can be sent to or to our Twitter account @OARRPack

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