Enlighten: GUIDs, Glasgow Authors and Funders

It has been an exciting few months for Enlighten and our JISC funded Enrich project with the introduction of wide a range of updates to the service.

These include:

  • Logging in with University credentials (GUID)
  • Browsing by Glasgow author
  • Importing new records
  • Adding funder data

Logging in with University credentials (GUID)

Over 11,000 user records for staff were added to the repository from our Data Vault, by IT Services in December 2009. These records enable staff to login using their GUID (Glasgow Unique IDentifier) to deposit publications – no more need to register for a separate account.

We have also disabled “create account”, no one can now register to deposit or login to Enlighten.

A key aim of Enrich was to lower barriers to deposit and enabling these logins for staff has already seen a marked increase in the number of staff now adding records and depositing their papers.

Browsing by Glasgow author

With these user records in place, and working with EPrints Services we have set-up browse views of Glasgow authors, using the name in the user record NOT the name in the author field of the ePrint field, like the default people view.

This approach has enabled us to decouple the name used by an author in the citation of the paper from the name which they are identified by in the University’s central systems. All publications, for instance by staff who have published under both a maiden and married name are now grouped together.

Repository depositors can now link publications to staff records by adding their unique Glasgow Identifier (GUID) in the author field.

These Glasgow author views use the EPrints record number, not the GUID or the staff number.

Importing new records

We have been importing records from University departments into Enlighten and there are now over 22,000 records in the service. This work is ongoing and we have additional data from a range of departments which will be added over the coming weeks.

Adding funder data

A new Funding option has been added to the deposit workflow to enable project and funder data to be linked to publications.

This is done with a multi-value Funder field which includes project name, code and funder. This field can be autocompleted (using an HTML mark-up file) with publicly available projects from the Research System. This multi-value field replaces the default Funder and Project fields which are part of EPrints.

Repository staff will check that the funder data added is publicly available before the publication is moved into the live archive.

The funder field is displayed in the ePrints record and is used to create a Research Funder browse view. This lists funders and their associated publications – work on this is ongoing.


1 Comment

  1. This is really interesting and the author disambiguation using GUID very much reflects what I would like to achieve with our repository; I’d love to know more of the specific details of how this has been achieved – though as we are not using EPrints (not to mention whatever other systems are involved) it may well not be directly applicable to us of course!

    Do you have any plans, perhaps, to generate dynamic bibliographies on academics’ personal web-pages like Lincoln? (Though they have got round the author disambiguation problem slightly differently) – http://joss.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/2010/02/04/displaying-a-dynamic-publications-list-from-a-repository-on-a-staff-profile-page/

    Or generate Publications feeds for research groups like ORO have done – http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/ORO/?p=37


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