A visit from the OCRIS Project to talk about Repositories and Library Management Systems

OCRIS Project Logo
The JISC commissioned OCRIS Project is exploring a wide range of issues, including interoperability between Institutional Repositories (IRs) and Online Public Access Catalogues (OPACs).

Key aims

  • Survey the extent to which repository content is in scope for institutional library OPACs, and the extent to which it is already recorded there
  • Examine the interoperability of OPAC and repository software for the exchange of metadata and other information
  • List the various services to institutional managers, researchers, teachers and learners offered respectively by OPACs and repositories.

As part of the project Kathleen Menzies (OCRIS Project Manager) and Duncan Birrell (OCRIS Project Assistant) came to visit us this week. The University of Glasgow along with Cambridge were invited to be case studies for the project.

All about OCRIS (and Glasgow)

Kathleen and Duncan had done their homework and Kathleen delivered an excellent presentation, loaded both with questions about repositories, LMSs and other systems in addition to a well researched view of the range of Glasgow’s repositories (including Enlighten, our Theses Service and even DSpace)  and catalogues. They met with our Head of Cataloguing, Library Systems Co-ordinator and the day to day manager of Enlighten.

It was fascinating for us to get an external perspective of our systems, our records and our perceived practices. The presentation led into a wide range of open ended questions which generated some very stimulating discussion and debate over two days.

These discussions ranged across topics as varied as the technical (standards, support, interoperability, innovation) and the practical (workflows, training, dealing with duplicates). We look forward to seeing their case study and the final project report.

The OCRIS Survey(s)

OCRIS have also sent out a number of surveys to the community and if you have received one of these we strongly urge you to complete it and to contribute to this very valuable study.

Future blog postings will highlight our work with our library management system (Millennium from III) and our repositories. We are testing our OpenURL resolver (WebBridge) with our repository test service and later this year we plan to implement the Encore harvester. The harvester will interfile repository records with more traditional catalogue records in our resource discovery platform Encore (QuickSearch Service).


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