Our Top 100 Searches from Google

Enlighten, like so many other repositories uses Google Analytics (although I think we are just scratching the surface of the information which it can provide for us) and we have now updated our top 100 keyword searches from Google for the last six months.

The results provide an insight  into both the breadth of research which is done at the University and the searches which users are doing in Google which bring them to us.

They also show that in the last two months searches just for “Enlighten” have overtaken the previous top search “desquamative gingivitis”! Enlighten is steadily climbing in the Google rankings and is now listed third in Google search results.

The top 10 terms from 12th of January to 30th of June 2009:

  1. enlighten (306)
  2. desquamative gingivitis (302)
  3. ambiguous figures (87)
  4. issn 0021-8979 (82) [Journal of Applied Physics]
  5. enlighten glasgow (68)
  6. pictish symbols (67)
  7. sex appeal in advertising (67)
  8. search b (56)
  9. world journal of engineering (54)
  10. pergamon press glasgow enlighten (52)

The full list of 100 searches >>

Google Custom Search

The searches in our top 100 are passed to our local Google custom search service which  includes material in our Glasgow Theses Service.  This local service is configured to just display individual records and fulltext  PDF”s and to exclude all of the Browse Views which a standard Google search includes.


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